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5 Amazing Credit Card Wallets That Are Pick Pocket Proof

A Credit Card wallet can be a man’s best friend, next to his phone – amazing how technology continually redefines what and who are friends are. Our wallets hold a special place on our person because of the reason of how much valuable information we keep in it.

Credit cards. Money. Family photos.

There are numerous valuable items that we can keep in our wallet, and this is more the reasons that if you are looking for a wallet, you should be looking for a wallet that will be able to be protected against pick-pocketer or even better to have your wallet concealed as possible.

Pick-pocketers are getting smarter as the technology improves and if you want to protect yourself against this crafty, quick-handed individuals it will prove salient and beneficial for youth check out a few of these wallets.

Long gone are the days where you had a person come up to you on the street and take your wallet without you knowing it. Thanks to the advancement in technology people no longer need to do that. They can get all your information while your card is still in your wallet.

If you think Houdini was terrific then take a look at some of these electronic pick-pocketers; they would make him envious.

So how are they able to do this?

Through a method called RFID. RFID stands for Radio-frequency Identification. What people do is come up to you or in your vicinity. Once they have gotten close enough, they will be able to still all your financial or personal information.

This may sound somewhat scary, and it is – but fret not because ether are multiple ways to protect yourself from a situation like this and if you are curious, then please continue.

There are wallets that you can purchase that will protect your credit card information from these electronic pickpockets and keep your peace of mind at peace.

So here are five amazing concealed wallets you should look at if you are looking for a new wallet and a wallet that can help to give you a bit of more ease – especially if all you do is travel.


5 Amazing Wallets That Pickpockets Cannot Get To

Card Holder Wallet

# 1 – Card Block Pull-Tab Minimalist Wallet Front Pocket Design | Slim EDC RFID Blocking Leather Wallet

This first wallet, and like many in this list, protects against RFID attacks. RFID attacks is an attack on your credit cards via mobile phone stealing application. As we mentioned pickpocket are becoming more craft, and it would be beneficial for you to have a wallet that will be able to protect against situations like this.

RFID Blocking  Card Holder Leather Wallet

# 2 – Card Blocr Slim Front Pocket Design RFID Blocking Travel Wallet

This ultra slim and easily reachable wallet is yet another wallet that protects against RFID attacks as well as being made of some of the finest materials. This black leather wallet looks fantastic and also does a fantastic job of protecting you from intruders or stealers.

# 3 – Card Block RFID Credit Card Holder Black

This credit card holder has been specially designed to protect against intruders. A minimalist wallet that offers easy accessibility due to its slim size – this is an excellent gift for with guys and gals.

Sleek. Sexy. And protects you from theft this may very well be the wallet for the person looking to travel or who works in a very crowded and densely populated city.

# 4 – Card Block RFID Blocking Credit Card Wallet Cork 3 with Side Slide Trigger & Snap Closure

The cork wallet re unique on the unseen that no wallet, cork wallet, is the same to another. This offers a unique way to protect yourself from theft as well as adding a bit more security to your wallet and your finances and personal history.

# 5 – Card Blocr RFID Blocking Credit Card Wallet Red Leather with Side Slide Trigger & Snap Closure

This credit card wallet looks entirely like an ordinary credit card wallet that you can pick up off the street corner or in a mall and this is, even more, the reason to get this. Scammers and pickpockets continuously evolve with the times as we mentioned.

This is more the reason to give the illusion that what you ahem is not up to date and that what you have is ordinary.


Protect Yourself

With technology ever improving there is bound to be some people who use technology for nefarious and “scavenger-esque” means. There are many people out there who make a living only by lying, cheating and stealing from others and although this may sound somewhat morbid, this doesn’t necessarily take away from the truth fo the matter.

Now more than ever – and because mobile phones are the primary way that people steal information nowadays – it is even more important to have yourself a wallet that can protect your finances.

This is an excellent piece of protection for those who are living in a major city. Because cities are so packed and so densely populated, it can be challenging knowing who to trust or where you can bring your valuable information.

And even more so this is a great gift for those who love to travel abroad or for those who do a lot of business abroad.

Get Yours Today

If you are curious as to where you can get yourself a credit card wallet like some that have been listed above you can visit this website to learn more about RFID as well s discover some fantastic looking and valuable wallets that will better help ease your minds about traveling or walking in a public and populated area.

Technology in of itself is neither a good thing or bad thing and thus for every problem that arises because of technology ether is always a solution that can be found. And with these fantastic wallets, you will be able to protect yourself from any pickpocket most certainly; old school or new school.

Stay one step ahead.

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