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A “Neo-Luxury” Australian Label Reinvents ’50s Desert Boots

Feit teams up with London’s Toogood for its second collaboration.

Since Sydney designer Tull Price stepped foot in the shoemaking business in the ’90s he’s been on the lookout for ways to make shoes that are stylish, comfortable and timeless.

Over the 10 years he spent searching for the best-looking leather and narrowing down the most reliable methods of shoe construction, he noticed a pattern.

“I kept reaching the same conclusion: that premium quality shoes come from a commitment to prioritise fabric and construction,” says Price.

This realisation inspired the seasoned designer to start what he describes as a “neo-luxury” footwear label, called Feit, with his brother Josh Price in 2005. He builds every shoe by hand using natural materials.

Staying in line with a design philosophy rooted in traditional craftsmanship, Price has now launched Feit for Toogood // Toogood for Feit Series 2 for spring-summer 2018 (it’s Price’s second creative collaboration with the British outerwear label).

The limited-edition collection features the unisex suede Artist boot and the suede Artist shoe. Price has reinvented the cult design of the desert boot with a cork midsole, leather outsole, and a one-piece, hand-sewn folded upper. The result is a beautiful structure that resembles a paper bag – a hallmark of Feit’s first collaboration with Toogood.

Price sources materials from Italy and Germany and relies on a team of 40 craftspeople in southern China to assemble the pieces. Unlike many labels, which work with synthetic leather or treat their leather with harsh chemicals, Price uses natural vegetable-tanned leather.

“We are not in the business of chasing growth. We keep the integrity of the design by making everything by hand and using materials that come as close to nature as possible. The shoes can last longer, they can be resoled, they get prettier the more worn-in they are, we save energy in our production process,” says Price.

Price is aware that many mainstream luxury labels have a machine-made, mass-produced approach. He believes Feit puts the make, material and construction of shoes first.

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Resource - Published on 20 April 2018 by KEI WA LEE / https://www.broadsheet.com.au/national/fashion/article/neo-luxury-australian-label-reinvents-50s-desert-boots

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