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Men's Formal Shoes




Shopping for shoes is one of the most difficult things when it comes to shopping for me. This is not only because searching for the exact shoe size can be an uninteresting task, but also because determining the right type of shoes for every single occasion is something few men know how to do.

This perhaps is the reason why a lot of men will take their friends along when they want to purchase shoes and other fashion items to help determine if the color, design, and style is the best for their fetish.

One thing a lot of men don’t know however is that very few men's fashion items are capable of projecting your image faster than a high-caliber pair of dress shoes. While a couple of men know this, it still doesn’t make their search for ideal shoes easy.

What is important is that you follow the right type of shopping strategies which can help the world appreciate your taste in fine footwear without spending too much of your time in the market.

Pay Attention To Details
The type of leather the shoe you intend to buy comes with is important. The next most important thing is the craftsmanship that was employed in making the shoe. The only reason while you’re allowed to buy leather shoes with the synthetic interior is if you don’t have enough money with you.

The reason for this is that shoes with leather insoles help to absorb and remove perspiration. You should avoid shoes that the inside of the heels are too smooth. This is to help you avoid having blisters because the backs don’t grip your heels.

Cost and Care
The minimum price to purchase a good pair of formal shoes will generally range from USD 30.00 to about USD 150.00 depending on the quality of the leather. Furthermore, taking good care of your shoes can make you use them for a very long time.

As such, it’s best for you to invest in leather creams and good shoe polishes.
You should also resole your shoes the minute they start to wear out to prevent them from developing holes. You will need at least two good pairs of business shoes.

The reason for this is that leather needs to breathe, as nothing wrecks them faster than wearing them every day. They will also smell and give an awful odor if you don’t allow them to rest and breathe well.

Embark On A Road Test
You should make sure that you get your feet measured properly if you’re having a cobbler make your shoes. If you’re buying outright from a store, make sure you shop for your shoes late in the day.

This is because our feet are not the same size all day and your feet tend to swell under the multi-tonne pressure of walking all day.

Furthermore, one foot of humans are naturally bigger than the other and you should buy shoes that fit the bigger foot with one centimeter of “wiggle room” between the big toe and the end of the shoe.

Also, it’s best to never buy shoes that are a bit tight and you need to “break in” irrespective of what the person selling tells you. Even though good quality leather tends to soften to fit your feet, any shoe that seems painful in the shop will remain the same way after.

Ditch Fancy Designs
Shoes that come with giant buckles or fancy leather works are not necessary as they are passing fashion trends that have no place in the business and formal world.

The advantage of this is that you’re naturally restricted to two colors, brown and black. You can diversify and show your individual style by switching between wing tips, cap toes and split toe designs.

Pay Attention To Your Soles
While synthetic soles have credibility, nothing trumps rubber more than leather when it comes to elegance. The reason for this being that rubber tends to have more spring, lasts longer and you won’t slip on shiny surfaces and are best for regular usage.
If you don’t walk far or you simply want to create a powerful formal look, leather soles are smart.


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