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Cleaning and caring tips for white sneakers

Looking clean and neutral, a great match with almost every color for many occasions, a pair of white sneakers is a hot fashion item. Undoubtedly, looking extra stylish in a pair also means extra care is necessary when cleaning and maintaining white sneakers.

White sneakers are prone to stubborn stains. Most people would normally choose other colors, especially when they need to walk during the rainy season. Worry not, rain or shine, there are ways to take good care of white sneakers. Here are a few tips according to

Use nail polish to cover scratches

White sneakers are usually made from synthetic leather. They look elegant but even minor scratches can leave an obvious blemish. Cover the scratch with white nail polish. Be careful not to apply the polish thickly, while ensuring it blends well with the surface. Unfortunately, nail polish is not permanent, so you will need to re-apply it after a while.

Vinegar removes stubborn stains

It only takes a small stain to make your white sneakers look bad. If the stain stays put after the shoes are cleaned with detergent, try a little bit of vinegar. Use a cotton ball with a few drops of vinegar to remove stains from white sneakers.

Get rid of greasy stains with shampoo

White sneakers are good for parties and dancing in. But if there is food and drink served at the party, greasy drops might stain your shoes. Use shampoo to clean the affected areas. Brush gently using a toothbrush and then rinse with warm water to completely remove the oil from the shoes.

Toothpaste protects the shine

One way to ensure that your white sneakers stay shiny is to use toothpaste. Apply the paste evenly on the surface of the shoes and let it stand for four to five hours, and then rinse using warm water.

Dos and don’ts for using bleach

Most shoe care instructions suggest mixing laundry detergent and water at a ratio of 1:5, as too much detergent for white shoes will give them a yellowish color. Never dip white sneakers in detergent. Just brush the shoe's surface using a toothbrush dipped in detergent, followed by rinsing the shoes with warm water.

Strictly hand-wash only

Some washing machines are shoe friendly, but if your white sneakers are made of synthetic leather, it’s better to keep them away from the washing machine.

Soak shoelaces in warm water

Remember to keep your shoelaces clean, but tossing them into the washing machine is not recommended either. Soak them in warm water with detergent instead. Let them soak for 10 minutes and rinse them using your hands or scrub gently using a toothbrush.

Quick dry with paper towels or newsprint

Make balls of paper towel or newsprint and slip them inside the shoes. They will absorb excess water so that the shoes will dry quickly.

Avoid direct sunlight

Store your white sneakers away from places exposed to direct sunlight. Strong UV rays will cause white sneakers to turn light brown. Put shoes in a cool and dark place to maintain its color.

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