Cold weather is coming back, Miami. Are you ready this time? – Dilrose

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Cold weather is coming back, Miami. Are you ready this time?

In Miami, cold weather is supposed to be a swiftly passing thing, like wanting to eat healthy or the feeling that the Dolphins are going to have a winning season. Florida winter is largely theoretical. We wait for that one chilly day to bust out our leather jackets, then wear them even though it’s far too warm, and call it good.

We were ready to get back to our regularly scheduled and grueling Florida tasks, like wearing shorts and flipflops. But winter’s coming back, Miami. Hope you did your laundry and washed all your socks. Hope you don’t lose your mind.

For the past few days, we’ve labored through some rain and clouds and are ready for sunny skies. But that buzzkill the National Weather Service reports that while Saturday should be a beach-perfect day with highs in the mid 70s, temperatures will dip Sunday morning. And by dip they mean temps could hit the upper 40s again. Probably not cold enough to knock the iguanas out of the trees. But you’re going to have to bust out that one sweater again.


That means if you’re heading for Miami Beach and Art Deco Weekend on Sunday, highs may not hit 70. So get those scarves ready, because you know you fools will do anything to get a little more use out of them. Be sure to snap some Instagram photos of all the people wearing parkas, because you know they’ll be out there. Cold weather makes us all a little nuts.

On Martin Luther King Day (Monday), temps should creep up to the low 70s. But according to the Weather Underground, there’s a chance temps will drop back down mid week. Stay tuned and keep warm.

Yes, South Florida. You’re going to have to bundle up AGAIN.

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