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Duffle, Crossbody And Briefcase: 5 Must-Have Bags For Men

From smart duffle to crossbody city bags, here is a list of five must-have bags for men

As the summer season calls for travel, invest in the right kind of bags before you set out for a trip. While women have a lot of options, so do men as they can invest in smart duffle or crossbody city bags, experts suggest. Tabby Bhatia, Director at Voganow.com, and Salesh Grover, Business Head, OSL Luxury Collections Pvt Ltd, Corneliani, have listed different styles of bags that men can use:

1. Crossbody city bags for business jet-setters: Available in different textures, these bags come with adequate space to store your notes, electric gadgets and clothes making them an ideal pick for every business outing.

2. Leather strolley bags: This bag comes in different types of leather and adequately sized pouches that not only help in segregating your luggage but also give a classy appeal to your travel ensemble. Always keep in mind to pick a strolley with high quality leather as it extends the durability and helps in withstanding rigors travel easily.

3. Duffle bags: This is the most ideal option for those who believe in luxury travelling. Stylish yet comfortable, these bags come in a versatile range and are a worthwhile choice when it comes to carrying a lot of stuff without making a mess. Be it a weekend escape or an adventurous trip to the mountains, duffle bags are always a go to option for any traveller planning a vacation.

4. Briefcase: One of the oldest and classic bags in the category is a briefcase. Carrying it simply adds to the sartorial elegance in your professional look. For the fashion aficionados, especially when it comes to that business meeting, a leather briefcase will boast of the formal status that one carries. Also, known as folio cases, this is definitely a must have to keep all your important documents at one place.

5. Backpacks: Well, whether you're a student or a professional or a wanderer, a staple accessory that can carry all your stuff and gives a cool vibe is a backpack. Always look for a superior quality backpack that is spacious, prior straps check should be made for a hassle free journey. Try choosing leather backpacks that last long and are durable.

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