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How to remove ballpoint ink stains from handbags and backpacks

Ballpoint marks on handbags and backpacks can be difficult to remove and an eyesore.

If you have got ballpoint ink marks on your favorite backpack or leather handbag, don't worry, the internet has all the solutions that you need to get rid of that ink.

According to the website, it is not that much of a deal if you have a can of hairspray within your reach.

It also says that the key is to remove the stains as quickly as possible to avoid the ink from being embedded into the material.

Follow these easy steps from the website to save your handbag or backpack from being tossed out because of some lousy ink stains.

How to remove ink stains from leather handbags



Paper towel or clean rag.

Liquid dish detergent.

Lukewarm water.


Apply some hairspray directly on the ballpoint ink stain.

Wait a few minutes for the leather to absorb the hairspray, but don't let it dry.

Rub on the ink mark gently with a paper towel or clean rag.

If the stain has not completely disappeared, spray it again and add a few drops of liquid dish detergent after you apply the hairspray.

Rub the spot with your fingers.

* Rinse the area with lukewarm water and pat dry with a paper towel or clean rag.

How to remove ink stains from backpacks



2 Clean white rag

Clean water

Rub alcohol


Remove all the items that you have inside the compartments of your backpack.

Thoroughly dampen the marked area with hairspray.

Using a clean white rag, blot the area to remove the ink from the marked area. The white rag will allow you to see your progress and keeps you optimistic. Continue to blot the area until you no longer see the ink transferred onto the rag.

Dampen another white rag with clean cloth and blot on the marked area.

Switch back to the dry rag and blot on the area again.

With the dry rag, apply rubbing alcohol to the area. Continue this until the mark is removed from the backpack.

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