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Personalised twists: man’s unique style

Personalised twists: man’s unique style


Personalised wallets. Picture: Supplied.
A self-starter, professional and social entrepreneur, Philani “Njoms” Mhlongo has always had a passion for art.

Growing up in the northern KwaZulu-Natal village of Ulundi, the idea of creating bags and accessories came from inspiration driven by his love for art.

Coming from a poor background and community, not even his civil engineering qualification from the Mangosuthu University of Technology could turn him from his dream and purpose to find something that would create job opportunities for disadvantaged communities.

His long-term vision was to establish the business closer to rural communities, especially where he comes from, to create employment, through sewing projects and handwork, and with Njomstyle Accessories, Mhlongo is starting to live the dream.

Emerging at the local fashion scenes in 2015, Njomstyle Accessory is a brand that manufactures custom-made male accessories needed to crown any outfit with a touch of dapperness.

Wristband by Njomstyle Accessories. Picture: Supplied. 

Since inception over 20 months ago, the accessories brand has seen steady growth, responding to the positive attitude of consumers who have embraced local start-ups who offer personalized twists.

The brand has since then expanded its range - launching bespoke casual and business leather bags for a range of applications to suit the modern gent.

Mhlongo believes the past two years since the launch of the brand has been a test of his character and a big learning curve for him while growing the brand.

Leather bag by Njomstyle. Picture: supplied.

“What started as a hobby and making my outfits stand out turned into making passive income. I attribute the success of the brand to those who believed in my creativity way before the brand was commercialized.

“Many people were looking for opportunities to co-create with us because of our agile nature and ability to interpret their vision, and allowing us to apply for creative license in making the products come to life,” says Mhlongo.

The business employs four people and plans to get more on board in the future as the brand continues to add more products that cater to the personalized needs of its customers.

Meet the fashion forward fashionista

“All our items are designed to perfection and to clients’ requests. We pride ourselves on this kind of commitment and craftsmanship that goes into each piece we co-create with most of our clients.


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“It’s a novel model, which sees clients get involved in the creative journey of their bag or accessories. It arouses a sense of pride in them too,” Mhlongo says.

The rise of social media platforms has also played an important role.


* Njomstyle Accessories reaches its consumers and you too can keep in touch with them on @njomstyle via Instagram, Njomstyle Accessories on Facebook and @njoms_ on Twitter.



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