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Quite a bag-ful!

While a surprise element in Paris Cafe girl Sneha Singhi’s bag would be a lipstick, restaurateur Johanne Mantosh’s choice of a bag depends on “how blue the sky is that day”. Burnt Garlic lady Esha Dutta carries her “little world” inside her big bag and fashion designer Agnimitra Paul is currently crushing on sling bags. t2 got to partake in a bag-gy adda on the sidelines of a fun preview shoot for Fenasia by Minnie Juneja, a line of bags by Alipore resident Minnie, that she launches at 85 Lansdowne on February 14. Yes, a bag is an arm candy like no other! 

Minnie Juneja is starting with a line of 30-35 pieces. “There is something for everyone. We follow the global trends. We’ve been in the leather industry for decades… exporting bags for the global market. This is the first time we are launching in India. Our forte is leather. You will also find fabric. We also do detachable straps and customisation,” says Minnie, the creative director of Fenasia, who likes to carry a mix of the “contemporary and timeless” styles. 

Sneha Singhi loves big bags and colours like black, white and beige. “I have a lot of blacks,” says the owner and head chef of Paris Cafe. You will find notebooks, lots of pens, biscuits for dogs, rubber bands and clips in Sneha’s bag at any given point. Her fanciest piece? An Issey Miyake. 

Restaurateur Esha Dutta digs big bags too. “Even when I am going out in the evenings, my big bag travels with me in the car with my small bag… if I could get away with carrying a big bag on my evening out, I would!” she smiles. A sneak peek into Esha’s bag? Wallet, phone, cupboard keys, a lip balm, a perfume, pens, one kajal stick and emergency medicines. “And it’s always very heavy!” says Esha, who loves neutrals and classics.

Agnimitra Paul likes both big and small bags. “I like tote bags a lot and have quite a lot of beige, tan and black. I like reds too,” she says.


Johanne Mantosh loves “funny shapes” and likes shopping from Southeast Asia and Korea. “I have round bags, lipstick bags, fish bags… collected from around the world. Everyone is looking for a statement piece. You can wear something subtle and go statement-ey with the bag,” she says. 


RESOURCE - The Telegraph - Feb 12, 2018 00:00 IST / https://www.telegraphindia.com/lifestyle/quite-a-bag-ful-207818


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