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Rakshabandhan 2020: Add these 5 handbags to your rakhi look with a traditional dress

When wearing a traditional dress, you also have to think about how the handbag will fit with it. If you are immersed in the same thinking for the look of your Rakhi, then we tell you …

Wear anything like saree, suit, ghagra choli, lehenga, sharara, palazzo and kurta etc. Many times the biggest problem comes with makeup, footwear, dress, which handbag should be taken in which all the accessories are also stylish. Our everyday handbags do not fit perfectly, it is a matter of thinking about which bag to take. On August 3 this year, Rakshabandhan is falling and if you are still wondering what kind of handbag to take with your traditional dress, then we tell you what kind of bag with saree, suit, Anarkali, sharara etc. would be nice.

Along with the stylish trendy dress for your special function, it is also necessary to get stylish accessories and hence it is necessary to make the right decision about the bags only then the look will be complete. Even though it is time for lockdown, but you can prepare a list of bags from now on. So let’s know something about them.


1.Potali bag

Somewhere the handbag is being mentioned for the traditional dress and the name of the bag is not known. Potali bags fit with saris, lehngas, and suits all. If there is a heavily embroidered saree, then the bundle bags make up the moon. Patali bags with different colours and designs are meant for different dress and embroidery. They are mostly worn on sarees. If you too are looking for the best bundle bag for your saree, then a heavy embroidered bundle bag will be the best for a heavy saree. Golden or silver bag bags go on many sarees.

2.Banjara Bag

It can be carried with a suit or dress like Palazzo and Kurta. A lot of stuff will come in it. The design is colourful so the same bag can be matched with multiple outfits. These bags can prove to be perfect for you. For college students who want to wear a traditional dress, they will also like these bags. With long skirts and designer blouses, these bags can look the best. The good thing with Banjara bags is that these bags can carry more luggages.

3.Rajasthani Bag

Now it is being talked about traditional handbags and the name of Rajasthani embroidered bags cannot be revealed. Rajasthani handbags and Rajasthani clutch can look very trendy with all the colourful embroidery. Rajasthani clutch not only look good on a sari but also looks great with a modern dress. Rajasthani handbags can look great on suits or kurtas and they also have a lot of space. Rajasthani bag or clutch has its own distinct identity. These are available in every rate from cheap to expensive.

4.Santiniketan Bag

If you have not heard of it, let me tell you that these are leather and substrate leather bags. It is made in many villages of Kolkata and West Bengal and the material used is dyed on tan leather or substrate leather and artwork is done. They are very popular in the foreign market. Such bags are exported to many countries. Such handbags will look quite attractive and different on such clutch and suits etc. on saree. Santiniketan bags may prove to be a bit expensive, but that does not mean that they will not be affordable. If you invest in a bag, it will last for many days. Their quality is very good.

5.Kashmiri Hand Bag

Kashmiri Hand Bags i.e. Kashmiri Embroidered Bags and Clutch. Kashmiri embroidered handmade bags also weigh less and come in many shapes and designs.

Such handbags and clutch would look good with any embroidered dress. You will not have to spend much money on this. You will find these bags at many handloom stores.

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