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Spidi Super Jacket Review

Fashionable and protective bomber-style leather jacket.

Over the last few years, my gear from Spidi has proven to be incredibly reliable in terms of fit, style, and quality. As many of us shop online and are unable to try things on before we buy them, that consistency is a huge asset, and whatever I order, I know I can expect the same level of craftsmanship from the Italian gear company. The Super Jacket that we see here is a protective leather jacket that merges classic bomber style with modern fit, materials, and protection. It’s comfortable, looks great, and checks all of our safety boxes.


Spidi gear tends to fit long and lean, which is one of the reasons I have always liked it. The styles look quintessentially Italian, and as you would expect, the leather always looks and feels top quality. This jacket is no different, fitting slim through the body and arms, but still roomy enough for me to fit a sweatshirt underneath if I want to layer.

Spidi Super Jacket in size 54
Spidi Super Jacket in size 54 on Morgan, who is 6 feet 4 inches tall.Jeff Allen

The sheepskin leather looks and feels great, but it is a little bit thinner than most of my other motorcycle jackets. The thinner leather gives this piece more of a fashionable feel and doesn’t take any time at all to break in and become comfortable, but I wouldn’t trust the abrasion resistance as much as I would in some of the other, thicker jackets from Spidi.

Spidi’s patented Warrior Lite CE Level 1 impact padding comes equipped in the shoulders and elbows of the Super Jacket. These pads are flexible while feeling sort of hard to the touch and surprisingly substantial for their thickness. Fitting the form of the jacket, they aren’t bulky or super noticeable while it’s on, but they cover a large surface area and I am confident they would serve their purpose well if I needed them to. There is also a pocket built into the back of the Super Jacket to add a back protector if that’s your thing.

front pocket on Spidi Super Jacket
The pinned front pocket on Spidi’s Super JacketJeff Allen

Knit closures around the cuffs and collar help with the bomber style, while also being quite comfortable. The polyester liner is nice looking and feels tough, like if you get the Velcro from your glove on it it’s not going to fray up, but it’s also not the most breathable layer. In fact, the whole jacket offers no venting, so it’s really just an ideal piece for fall weather, possibly on to winter if you add a thermal layer underneath. It is not waterproof, though it can accept a Spidi H2Out liner.

Staying true to bomber style, there are only two pockets on the outside, and one internal breast pocket. The flaps over the pockets on the outside are pinned at the top corners—a nice motocentric detail, as my other bombers with similar pockets always flare out at that point. The outer pockets close with a single snap and, thanks to the pinned corner, sit nice and flat.

Spidi Super Jacket Interior
The three-dimensional internal liner in the Spidi Super Jacket.Jeff Allen

With the nice fit and soft leather, the Super Jacket is an ideal choice for a night out or anything with time on and off the bike. My only real complaint about this jacket is that when riding in the wind, the back sort of billows up, I imagine because of the lower air pressure behind me as I move. On faired bikes, this wasn’t an issue, but on naked motorcycles it was a little annoying.

Back of Spidi Super Jacket
Back view of the Spidi Super Jacket, which retails for $450.Jeff Allen

At $450, it’s about what I would expect for a jacket that looks this good and has all the protection this one does. Because of the billowing, it doesn’t get quite as much wear as some of my other jackets, but it’s the go-to for a date night or anything where I want to class it up a little bit.

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