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Students dress to impress with 2019 winter fashion

As East Carolina University students return to campus with some New Year’s resolutions, some students will be walking across the Mall in the freshest and warmest winter fashion of 2019.

Winter is all about staying warm, so layering clothes with oversized or baggy garments is one of the biggest trends that’s in fashion right now, according to Michelle Navarro, an ECU freshman biology major. Some days it may not be cold enough to wear a lot of layers, so a simple cardigan is great for the warmer days paired with some casual shoes to keep the winter look.

“I can slip on a cami dress over (a turtleneck) paired with a pair of heeled mid-calf boots,” Navarro said. “I know it can get really cold this time of year, so for a cozier outfit I would wear an oversized trench coat over a turtleneck sweater with a pair of high waisted jeans.”

Navarro said turtlenecks are a very popular clothing item. It’s versatile and great for layering underneath an oversized coat. Turtlenecks can fit longer as well and are easier to dress it up if needed.

Maurice Watson, senior business administration major and vice president of F.A.M.E. Modeling Troupe, agreed with Navarro and described some of his classic winter looks.

“A button up with a cardigan and some straight leg dress pants,” Watson said. “And for the shoes, some Chelsea boots or moccasins.”

Athletic leisure clothing is also a growing market for people of all ages whom are looking for a more relaxed and comfortable look, but are still able to look casual and fashionable wherever they go.

“Mixing blazers with a pair of cool jeans and some sneakers or a pants suit with a pair of Adidas sneakers is a fashionable trend that is in right now,” said Angelica Martinez-Tejada, ECU fashion merchandising class of ‘18 alumna. Martinez-Tejada is known for her brand name StyleMeAng, which she refers to as “just mixing and matching like the off-business casual with more of a athletic type of flare.”

Martinez-Tejada said one of the biggest fashion trends that is seen frequently right now on runways and over the internet are prints, most especially reptile prints such as snake print. She also said, because PETA is encouraging the public to not wear clothing made out of animals, faux fur and leather also has been very popular with the movements of PETA.

It's always a personal choice as to what colors to wear during particular seasons, but Watson says there are some styles that are complementary to the season, such as darker, warm toned items.

Although there are always new trends to try out, ECU fashion merchandise professor, Ginger Woodard said it’s important to remember the difference between what is stylish and what is fashionable.

“Style is a characteristic of a garment, and it never changes. For example, sweaters have different styles— cardigans, pullovers, turtlenecks, crewnecks,” Woodard said. “But the style of sweater that is in fashion might change. Fashion is the accepted style at any given point in time. Technically, it includes any product— stereos, appliances, cars, interior products, colors.”

With the New Year officially here, Martinez-Tejada said now is the best time to be bold and try new things in fashion.

“It’s very easy to just gear towards what’s inside the box and to go towards what is going to be easily accepted in society,” Martinez-Tejada said. “But I think the best look and the best fashion forward people kind of just play around.”

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