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The Beauty of Motorcycle Riding Jeans

Once upon a time, all you needed to stay safe on your motorbike was to wear a helmet. Nowadays, you need more things than just a helmet in order to stay safe while on the freeway. It was by the 1920s that leather jackets came into popularity and were worn mostly by bikers. While leather jackets look good on a bike, they also offer some protection.

By the 1980s it was a biker trend that flourished with the constant use of pig, goat, bison and even horses leather jackets.

Nowadays, the safety trend has expanded to motorcycle riding jeans. While it was firstly introduced in the 1990s, it starts to get more and more popularized now. Bikers wear jeans with Kevlar to protect them from fall damage while on the bike.

These types of jeans have improved a lot through the years and have become quite a fashionable choice for bikers.

In this article, we are going to give you a complete guide to motorcycle riding jeans.

The Look

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While the main purpose of these jeans is to protect bikers, a good amount of thought must be put into how will they look on the wearer. People don’t want to buy something that will just serve one purpose, but they want something that will serve multiple purposes. Such is the case with motorcycle riding jeans, and the folks over at Pando Moto say that these jeans must talk the talk and walk the walk.

The Fit

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If the jeans must look good, they also must fit properly. There is no point in buying something that doesn’t fit you and the case is the same with motorcycle riding jeans. During the 90s, people had no problem wearing baggy jeans that didn’t fit them. You see, it was called fashion back them. But nowadays, no one wears baggy jeans. People nowadays want pants that fit them well, and the perfect motorcycle riding jeans must fir you well.

The Material

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Kevlar is a material that most people associate with police and army vests. But, little do people know is that this brand name can be used in all kinds of applications, and one use is motorcycle riding jeans. But there are other materials besides Kevlar that are used to protect bikers from fall damage. Although, it’s safe to say that Kevlar is a brand name and material that most bikers trust the most with their lives. Other popular choices of protective material are Pekev and Dyneema.

The Coverage


No matter what type of protective material motorcycle riding jeans use, it’s important to know how much of the jeans they cover. The more they cover, the more protected you are. Usually, most biker jeans are lined with armed weave around the seat and knees area. These are the areas that have the highest chances of being impacted upon falling from your bike. While most bikers feel completely comfortable and safe with these areas covered, some prefer even full lining or extended lining down both legs. The coverage is all down to personal preference. The more coverage, the more safe, the less comfortable you are. The less coverage, the less safe, the more comfortable you are. So a great rule of thumb is to go with the butt and knees coverage.

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