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The Best Compact Travel Bags For Women

The work week has been pretty tough and the weekend is finally here. Now, you can simply use those two days to lie down, watch your favorite TV show and simply take a break, or you can escape the city and enjoy the beauty and simplicity of nature’s life. Believe us, those two days that you will be taking out of town will be enough to fuel you for the next five working days or even more, and you will feel like you are born again. With the help of fresh air and beautiful on the road sightseeing, you will be like brand new.

The only problem with this and especially for women in the preparation. Uh, all the hardships of packing and not forgetting the essentials – but to be honest, it shouldn’t be nearly as hard as people make it. You just need a few clothing items do cover those few days, some food and cosmetics. And that is why a suitcase shouldn’t be an option – while a backpack might be too small. So, what is the solution then? An overnight bag might just help your case. These are usually just the right size and capacity, while still easy to carry and transport.

Let’s take a look at some of the best overnight bags out there!


What Are The Best Overnight Bags Out There

  1. Oflamn Duffle Bag. If you are looking for a great budget pick with a great capacity and made like a quality weekender bag, this one might be the right one for you. The size is 21 inches, and it even has a separate shoe compartment. As of the material, the outside of the bag is 100% canvas while the inside is made out of durable nylon. Overall, a great bag for your weekend trip (and it is unisex as well).


  1. Rustic Down Leather Duffle Bag. Made out of pure cow leather, and with cloth lining, the design of this overnight bag is elegant and beautiful. The inside of it has more than enough capacity for multiple clothing items, while you have separate compartments for tickets, gadgets as well as your valuables. The price as of now is $150.


  1. Caboodles Weekender Bag. For those of you that are fans of faux leather rather than the real one Caboodles got you covered. This bag featuring a beautiful cream exterior with the navy blue finishing is trendy yet convenient. Easy to carry, and with multiple separate compartments it is there to save your weekend!


  1. Vera Bradley Duffle Bag. The pink color and the interior floral design go along so well, and it is simply a beautiful girly bag to carry on a weekend trip. It has few mesh pockets and enough space to pack a few clothing items and other valuables as well.


  1. Ganni Overnight Bag. A famous clothing brand did a great job with this tote overnight bag as well. Beautiful black color with funny prints on it makes for a great design, and it is a quality weekender bag overall!


  1. Karl Lagerfeld Bag. If you don’t mind the price and want to invest in high quality and a chic overnight bag this one will be just right for you. Coming in the sexy red color, it is durable, elegant, and convenient!


  1. Tibi’s Overnight Bag. For all of you who are tired of classic bag designs and want to try out something new, this Dimanche bag will be just the right choice. Yes, it is almost a thousand dollars but the quality, design and the years you will get out of it absolutely make up for that!


  1. Adidas Stella McCartney. If you are looking for a sports overnight bag than this Adidas pink bag will be just right for you. The price is more than fair, and its capacity is well enough to fit all the essentials for your weekend trip.


  1. Madewell Leather Bag. This weekender leather bag is a classic. Something a businesswoman would take on a weekend trip it is elegant and convenient, and a great choice if you are a fan of the leather design!


  1. Longchamp Overnight Bag. Last but not least is this nylon bag made by the Longchamp brand – build to last, and with a good capacity, it is a great bag for the money you pay.



A quality weekender bag is just the thing you need for your few days trip, so go ahead, do your research and get just the one that suits your needs!

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