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The World's First Fragrance-Infused Handbags Have Arrived, and They're Utterly Gorgeous

Apparently, we're shaping up to enter an era of wearing scented objects rather than perfumes. Mere months after Diptyque translated its luxurious fragrances into scented stickers, brooches, and bracelets, Fendi has introduced the world's first fragranced handbags. The line features three bright-yellow and white baguettes in three sizes: Fendi's standard women's baguette size and a men's size, which is slightly larger. The last is an adorable "nano" bag that's barely the size of the latest iPhone model. And no, these "baguettes" are not the stiff loaves of French bread you're likely thinking of; the baguette is a compact handbag style invented and coined by Fendi in the 1990s. Anytime you pass by a store window and see a stout, rectangular bag slung over a mannequin's shoulder, you're looking at a baguette.

These particular baguettes are quite special, though. Their leather is infused with a new fragrance, FendiFrenesia, created by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. The brand describes it as "leathery and musky" and claims its scent will waft from the bag for as long as four years. Each bag comes with a complimentary miniature bottle of FendiFrenesia, which can be used to refresh the bag's scent or be worn as a traditional perfume.

The splashes of color on the bags aren't random, either — each bag is plastered with the same vivid artwork by renowned Swiss photographer Christelle Boulé. The photo seen on the bags "show the fragrance once it has been dropped on to a colored film paper, visually bringing the scent to life," according to Fendi.

Fendi scented baguette collection
Courtesy of Fendi

The collection made its exclusive debut earlier this week at Fendi's Miami Design District store, the only place you can purchase all three bags right now. That might sound like a bummer, but luckily the miniature version of the bag is ready to shop online for $630 right now at Don't linger if you're itching to buy, it, though: according to the Fendi site, the bag is only up for grabs until December 20.

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