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Fashion surprises.

90-e years — time when the fashion was somewhat eclectic. At that time it seemed “cool” plucked eyebrows, black denim dresses, leather jackets and pants. Today much of that era looks pretty strange, but at the time, so love to look modern designers. And today we can say that the style of “dashing 90-h” is back in fashion collections you can see a lot of garments inspired by the era, reports the with reference to novate.


1. Leather jacket

Вещи из 90-х, вновь возвращающиеся в моду (ФОТО)

When it comes to leather jackets of the 90s, just remember the bandits and just “bad guys” in tight leather jackets-bombers. Actually, the black leather jackets are always in trend and always appear in the collections of designers. Today, these jackets are well combined with leather pants, black boots and a black choker. Like the Gothic image all the rage in the 90s.

2. Small sunglasses

Вещи из 90-х, вновь возвращающиеся в моду (ФОТО)

Rapper Kanye West revived the fashion for small round sunglasses. They, of course, is a little different than in the 90-ies, but these round sunglasses will add a vintage touch to any modern outfit.

3. Mini skirt

These skirts quite often carry the 70-ies, but in the 90 years appeared a mini denim skirt. Today it will be very appropriate option of bringing in your wardrobe with a touch of fashion in those years.

4. Belt bags

Вещи из 90-х, вновь возвращающиеся в моду (ФОТО)

Belt bags or as they were sometimes called in those years “nausnice”, in great demand in the 90-ies. Today they are back, and not as tasteless as their predecessors. They made more in the form of a small purse on the belt and look more modern.

5. Shoulder bag

Вещи из 90-х, вновь возвращающиеся в моду (ФОТО)

In 90-e years, each had a tiny bag worn on the belt, slung crossways of the box, over the shoulder. The fashion for these bags is clearly returning, for many designer brands have released their. Modern versions are made of leather or fabric in different colors and with different patterns, and they are slightly reminiscent of the bags of the 90-ies.

6. Old jeans with a high waist

Вещи из 90-х, вновь возвращающиеся в моду (ФОТО)

Ladies clearly do not want to abandon this trend. In the 90 years was in those jeans. The higher the waist, the thicker the fabric, the denim is more fashionable.

7. T-shirts with posters of musical groups

Вещи из 90-х, вновь возвращающиеся в моду (ФОТО)

Vintage t-shirts are perfect for relaxing or styling with your favorite flannel shirt or leather jacket. T-shirts featuring the popular bands of the 90 years again in trend today. They look particularly stylish and vintage in combination with a pair of old jeans or leather pants.

8. Mixing different prints

Mixed prints were “the rage” in 90-e years. At this time, within two years the most popular was the combination of two different colors, stripes and polka dots. Today’s mixed prints again became fashionable. Many of these models combine different prints on top and bottom of the garment.

9. Patent leather

Patent leather was a real hit in the 90-ies. Today it begins to return in the form of socks, jackets, shoes and more. Shine leather adds a special piquancy to many outfits.

10. Ugly sneakers

Вещи из 90-х, вновь возвращающиеся в моду (ФОТО)

Of course, modern running shoes are hardly ugly, but it is worth remembering their predecessors, which were quite tasteless. Paradoxically, what ugly they were, those were considered more fashionable. Balenciaga today released sneakers for $ 800 that can compete in taste with the shoes.

Fashion style 90-ies were truly interesting in many ways. It was strange and beautiful at the same time. As for the styles of other eras, the style of the 90s is back in fashion, so old clothes should never be thrown away.

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