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Top 5 philosophy TAs ranked by how cool their leather jackets are

Yeah, his name's Chet, which is one of the least cool C-names after Chauncey, but it's short for Chester, so he's made the best of a bad situation. As far as the jacket goes, it's pretty cool but I'm pretty sure it was made for a woman who rides a motorcycle and Chet definitely doesn't ride a motorcycle. He's got some interesting opinions about Jean-Paul Sartre and his feelings of shame and complicity with regard to the Nazi occupation of Paris, though, if that's your thing.
Sure, it's not the coolest jacket, but I'm almost certain that Thibault is French or something which I guess gives him a leg up over Chet. Plus, the Batman shirt is a nice touch in that it makes the jacket seem that much cooler by comparison. Besides, doesn't he just look like a guy who spends a lot of time thinking about Bakhtin's theory of active participation in Being?
3.) Joey
Not gonna lie, that's a pretty sweet jacket. You just know anybody who pops that baby on in the morning can really break down Plato's Allegory of the Cave in a way that a freshman business major trying to fulfill their humanities requirement can really "get." You could do worse than Joey.
2.) Brendan
This sleek, casual, understated jacket really shows that Brendan is a man capable of the humility and self-reflection necessary to really understand existentialism and its more recent offshoots. He's obviously the type of guy who might not necessarily agree with Soren Kierkegaard's conclusion about the value of God in the search for meaning within the human experience, but respects where he's coming from.
1.) Jaroslava
I mean, c'mon. Is this even a competition? Look at that dope-ass fringe on that stylish yet practical jacket. That's not even mentioning whatever that cool studded leather cross thing on her hand is. That's a piece of clothing with a purpose, motorcycle riding, being worn by someone who actually rides (or at least leans against) a motorcycle in a way that suggests that while she knows all about Western philosophy, she's also an expert in modern Asian movements like New Confucianism and has done a great deal of research into how religiously-oriented philosophical systems sync up with Enlightenment ideals like rationalism and humanism. I mean, do you really think you'll get that from Chet? As if.
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