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Why Louis Vuitton bags are so expensive? – Elle.pl – trends spring-summer 2020

Louis Vuitton bags price that many causes of dizziness. How it happened that the accessories of French fashion houses are worth a lot of money and for what really pay thousands?

Louis Vuitton price for bags that are as legendary projects

Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Chiara Ferragni, Kendall Jenner, Eva Longoria, Jane Fonda, Sarah Jessica Parker, Angelina Jolie, Sofia Vergara, Alexa Chung – celebrity list, but simply women around the world who love Louis Vuitton handbags can continue indefinitely. Sigh they are the most recognizable with Monogram Canvas (the template includes the LV initials, circles, floral motifs and rhomboids), which was developed in honor of his father in 1896 Vuitton son George. To do this in the wish list is often favorite roomy trunk Audrey Hepburn bag Speedy and Noe Bag, which was created at the request of one of the producers of champagne and was limited to five bottles (and, it seems, really is!). Not to mention, of course, as described in the legends of Luggage: durable suitcases and trunks with metal fittings in the corners, and the fact that the clients of the French fashion house also love these new bags that occur in each season, and in their own style, to fit into prevailing trends.

Wish the price tag of LV is on the same level as the price is one of the most expensive supplements in the world. How in this case are the projects of the famous brand? First, we drove up to the certain source that is on the official page Louis Vuitton. New handbag LV Pont-9 – 3 900 dollars (in terms of exchange rate from June 5 to 15 this is exactly 341,27 RUB). Chest monogram Petite Boite Chapeau even more because of 4,850 USD (more than 19 000 RUB.). Classic buyer, Onthego Gm, in turn, 3 $ 350, while the popular City Steamer MM, depending on colors and prints, stands between a 3 500 4 950 UAH. Pet fashion editor and stylist brown bag – 1 780 dollars. The iconic Alma mm in black version and wyciśniętym printem LV: 2 270 UAH.


So check used Louis Vuitton bags. In the online store Showroom.pl in the section vintage, while a dozen product pages, the French luxury brand, and the vast majority of them-it’s just packaging, bags, travel bags, kidney, sachet, bag, panel, and into the hands and purses LV. The cheapest product? Red wallet Epi Porte Monnaie Boite Coin Case Leather 1 306,73 RUB the Most expensive – handbag Monogram Steamer 206,92 cost 18 rubles. Also in the case of models on the other hand, often have to pay a considerable amount to become the owner of your own Louis Vuitton bags.

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Cheap Louis Vuitton bags? It’s impossible

From years came clients of the French fashion house, one wonders what is the secret the dizzying prices of the LV bagswhether there is such a synonym of luxury, as they says and does that they become an investment for years, the value of which grows with time. The answer to this question is not unequivocal, because the cost of each model includes several factors.

Sewing by hand

Louis Vuitton bags do not occur in large factories – handcrafted specially trained for this masters in Europe and the United States, which shall study the whole year to be able to do their job. In addition, each instance must be the same, even if we are talking about the number of seams. For the price of the bags can find a decent salary for hard work and the necessary training.

Long and require production time

Standard Louis Vuitton bag occurs in a hundred stages of production, while more detailed models are three times more below grade achieved the desired effect. Any material that gets in the workshop of Louis Vuitton, is checked very carefully, in turn, effects such as Shine, through the natural methodsfor example, “burning” hot agatami. All sew by hand. The formation of LV bags is a long and tedious process, which is expensive.

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Not for heavy trucks

Original Louis Vuitton bags sew with, among other things, genuine leather, and the waterproof and fire resistant and then it is very difficult to destroy them. Before the impact news for the shops, all the models pass the “test of strength” like Tesla. Shines its rays fade after four days in a row, with a height of almost 1.5 meters with almost 4 kg of weight and center Express, opening and closing up to 5000 times. This ensures that the manufacturer has confidence in the fact that the bag is so durable that it actually can accompany customers throughout their life. Another account, materials, details and, of course, tests.

The story, part of which you can become

Speaking about bags Louis Vuitton, do not forget about the fascinating history of the brand, created in the XIX century. When French Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854 his company, was master and owner who, two dozen years before he came to Paris in search of a better future and took a job at Marechala – as layetier engaged in the packing of the baggage of the French rich. Tested, works fine, and enchanted trunks watched them quite accurately, that quickly noticed that many of them niepraktycznych and far they to mobility. When he got to the court of Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon, he was able to independently design chests. In the end, decided to go on their own. In the mid 50-ies. The nineteenth century, he founded a company and began selling flat trunks that are perfectly focused while increasingly popular in world travel (they protect the contents and they can be freely placed on myself that oszczędzało place). Success made Vuitton opened in 1876, a new manufactory, with functional drawers and “wardrobe road” with hanger, Ironing boards and szulfadami. The beginning of the next century is even stronger position of the brand thanks to the hard work of the heirs of the designer, as well as new models that are always mentioned in the history of fashion: travel bag Keepall, bag Noah champagne handbag Speedy, which made Audrey Hepburn in “Szaradzie” (1963), advertised Twiggy Papillon. Finally, boutiques worldwide, and cooperation with skilled designers, hiring the taken artists.

And at the end bonus is more or less historic, but very important: in case of branded items, you pay at least for patented design (in particular, the previously mentioned Monogram Canvas, Cherry blossom with pink background and floral print printem, brown checkerboard Damier Ebene and the monogram of the famous portraits of cats, called simply Catogram) or trademarks that indicate the originality of the product. If we are talking about Louis Vuitton this is especially important, because only less than 1% of all projects under the French house of fashion not fakes in the world.

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PS If you want to see famous bags Louis Vuitton with your own eyes, look in the trading house Vitkac, where this legend you can see (and buy) until 21 June.

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